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There’s a powerlessness to riding in a train, even one going as fast as this one, that brings a sense of distaste to me. –I- prefer to be the one at the controls, manipulating which way we go and how quickly. I suppose I never was one for riding shotgun to another’s whims.

Needless to say, I abhor trains as well as aeroplanes while I'm at it. I'm about a half-hour outside Domino now, and I've read through the local newspaper at least four times already. So close and yet so far away. There's at least two flats that look promising to let while I'm here.

Things are the same as always in Egypt: hot and boring. It's almost cold here compared to there. And all of this is simply a time wasting tactic to avoid asking the question of what has been happening while I was absent. It's a question I'm almost afraid to ask. Almost.
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