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This week, on 'Days of Our Lives in Domino':

Seto Kaiba, CEO and playboy, gets himself a new secretary, one that he insists refer to him as 'Seto-chan'. Things get interesting when this new employee, Pharaoh Atemu, begins to discuss the size of the Kaiba exec's genitalia. What exactly happened in that interview?

Things become even more mysterious when it is laid out that Kaiba's present assistant, a Set, is the cousin of sorts to this Atemu! Complications come when Seth announces to the world that -he- and Seto are 'a couple'. Will it cause strife in the family? Will Kaiba Corp be able to weather the blow of having a CEO that dates his underlings?

Yuugi is attacked and left near death! Where is Yami no Yuugi to save his other? Was he yet another in Kaiba's string of conquests? Was he in a closet with the CEO when this was all happening? Will Yuugi be able to pay his mounting hospital bills without taking a job as a stripper?

The arrival of sexy star Malik Ishtar back in town sends a few small waves through the community, mainly in the schoolgirl sector who seem to appreciate him while he appreciates their short skirts. Noon-day entertainment comes for them as a dark copy shows up at a cafe`, the two fighting and ending in both stalking off in opposite directions. Will the two reconcile or end up on opposite sides?

Meanwhile, Rishid realizes that he finally has something to lose: his girlfriend! Unfortunately, Rishid has made the serious error of gaining the dislike of someone who is widely known to not be the most sane individual about. What will he do? Will he get there on time?

Shockingly enough, it appears that the dark Malik Ishtar has managed to lose the Sennen Rod. Will he regain it? How many will have to die for him to do so? Where the hell is Yami no Bakura when he should be contacting me (not to mention Ryou!)? Just who is on what side in this?

Stay tuned to find out the answers to all of these questions and more on 'Days of Our Lives in Domino'!


I missed my calling as a writer for those American soap operas.
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