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So am I the only one who's first reaction was 'Wow, the self-proclaimed Pharaoh Atemu is an idiot'?

And then went on to have a rather queasy stomache at the idea of him matching 'Seto-chan' (as he put it) 'blow-for-blow'? Especially with Kaiba insisting he be called by 'Seto-chan' according to this Atemu person? The most striking one has to be 'Must go along with this era's desire to compact everything, like Seto-chan's thin computer and his genitalia into his small pants.'

Well, that certianly solved any curiousity I didn't have in the first place on Kaiba's... package.

After getting drunk, one's first thought must be that they 'look nice', of course.

In other news, yes, I found a flat to let which is all well and good, not to mention that it came with a parking space for my motorbike. Park on the street? Me? I think not. Some idiot might scratch it.

Now on to employment. Maybe the museum needs a translator or something. Failing that, can anyone see me in security? Won't that be fun? Maybe they'll give me a gun. Never had one of those if I remember rightly.

Employment after I finish laughing myself into tears at 'Seto-chan' and his compact size.
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